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Universal JKD Brotherhood Membership Certificate
Universal JKD Brotherhood Membership Certificate

For a limited time only, you may become a member of the Universal JKD Brotherhood (UJKDB) and receive a special, signed membership certificate from Bruce Lee's personal student and friend, Leo Fong (only 54 certificates will be available with Leo Fong's signature). In addition, the membership certificate will be signed by Bruce Lee expert and JKD practitioner/historian, Paul Bax. These certificates will not only be signed but also numbered so the sooner you become a member, the lower number you will receive. If you are a citizen of the Unites States, choose the top option and if you are outside of the United States, choose the International option. International orders that fail to choose the proper item will be refunded and asked to reorder. Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Any memberships after 54 will be signed solely by Paul Bax unless Sifu Leo Fong decides to sign more membership certificates. Membership certificates are not credentials to teach nor should they be presented to the public as credentials to teach. Price includes shipping!

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