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    Disciples Of The Dragon


    Paul Bax's Deluxe Edition of his ground breaking book, Disciples of the Dragon. The Deluxe version includes new interviews and or articles on seldom heard from Bruce Lee students such as Dan Lee, Jerry Poteet, Allen Joe, George Lee and many others!
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    Descendents Of The Dragon


    Descendents of the Dragon: Deluxe Edition has been updated to have TONS of pictures of each of the interviewees along with added interviews including: Bob Landers, Zee Lo, Adam James, Richard Torres and Mike Henry.
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    Reflections of Jesse Glover


    Disciples of the Dragon: Reflections of Bruce Lee's Student, Jesse Glover is a re-write of his popular book, "Number One", complete with new pictures, added interviews and a whopping 30 pages of handwritten letters from Jesse Glover to James DeMile which reveal Glover's inner most thoughts on martial arts and his feelings after the death of Bruce Lee. With a vibrant new cover, loads of extra content and a new format, this book is an excellent addition to any Bruce Lee fan's library!
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    Reflections of Steve Golden


    Disciples of the Dragon: Reflections of Steve Golden is a book containing the words of Steve Golden as they appeared on Paul Bax's forum, "The JKD Brotherhood" from 2005 until 2014. Also included are insightful interviews with Mr. Golden that were conducted by Paul Bax in addition to some very rare photos.
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    The JKD Brotherhood


    Signed "certificate of membership" by the late Bruce Lee student, Leo Fong for the now defunct, Universal JKD Brotherhood. Mr. Fong has since passed making these a Jeet Kune Do collecters item! Don't wait! Less than 15 left. When they are gone, they are gone!